Moneer forex signal

Hi all,
I have created a profitable forex system. so decided to share the signal from it in this forum.
the system will give you 100 pips in profit target, and 300 in stop lose risk.

Yes !, I knew the risk is to high, but actually that is what works for me. the last month i have win all the trades i did and got about 500 pips in profit without no trade losing.

OK, for today i have made a long in EUR/USD at 1.4039 with a profit target 1.4139 and a stop lose of 1.3739.

let us see what will happen.
I will post new trades, and updates in this thread.

I want all of you review this with me.


Very dangerous strategy. You get two straight losses and kiss bye to your profit. Hit three, and you’re in the red. I would advise adjusting your risk:reward. I’m assuming you trade on demo… what TF?

Yes, I knew it is dangrous, but what if this strategy works with out fail 99.9%. if a trade lose happen once every two month, that will be great for me, and great for many traders too. as you can get 400-800 pips per month using it. I knew some people are using EA with no stop lose. I’m using this stop lose just to make sure i will not lose more than 300 pips per , other wise there are many conditions may occur and make me exit the trade earlier.

My trade above reach the target and 100 pips is in profit . now, I’m waiting for signal to trade with.


Sell Signal for GBP/USD at 1.6294 , take profit 1.6194 , stop loss 1.6594.

How long have you been in forex? No strategy reaps a 99.9% success rate. If you hit 70% you’ll be doing VERY WELL. Good luck, I hope you don’t learn the hard way.

The last signal seems logical. It finding resistance around weekly resistance 1, also you’ve got a Hanging Man, plus Stochastic is overbought. Anyway let’s see how things play out.

I’m in forex since 2004, but many times i stop working on it for a year or so then return back. right now i working in this strategy for 8 months, adjusting the the risk until i reach since three months with this 300pips risk. I was trying to go for 50pips risk , then 100 pips but unfortunately, using 50 pips or 100 pips , even 150pips stop lose some times is hitted, i go out with lose before the market come up again and hit my old profit target. I decided to make it very long risk pips so since three month i didn’t get out with lose any more.

sell signal eur/usd at 1.4154 , target 1.4054, stop lose 1.4454

in order to be profitable long term, not just on a few trades, you need to have a GOOD risk to reward ratio.

Meaning, (I would NOT be short EUR/USD right now), if you sold EUR at
1.4154 , target 1.4054, stop lose 1.4454, you are risking 300 pips to make 100. You’ve got it backwards all around.

I think you have the direction wrong, this is debateable, and you have the RR (risk/Reward) wrong. you should be risking 100 pips to make 300 if you intend on making $ LT (long term).

So if you believe short, it should be sell at 141.54 with a target (TPT - take profit target) of 138.54 an a SL of 142.54, this would be rsking 100 pips to make 300 pips.
you will be unable to sustain a profit into the future if you keep risking $3 to make $1.

I fully respect your point and I’m fully understand that, I read it every where in forex books, sites, etc. The problem that , it does not work for me at all. I have tried it. The philosophy here is that you have to risk more money to get a percent profit of it. let us say you are a seller, you will purchase goods worth 400$ by 300$ and sell them for a profit of 100$. if you can’t sell that, you will retain about half or so of your risking money, or with a slight profit like 15$ or so after closing the trade. So each trade is really a separate trade. That is what i do here. So I’m posting here to make sure every thing is OK, and get more comments and new ideas from you, since 3 months ago i make profit with it. You can say, It is a new point of view trading forex.I’m using technical analysis with a high risk, so it will work.:21:

I’m still holding the last two trades. Let us see what happen.