Monitoring Charts

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if you are using mobile app to monitor charts. I want to monitor real time changes for me to be updated everywhere I go.


Hmmm. Usually, brokers provide apps for their clients. :blush: Which broker are you working with? :smiley: But apart from that, you might wanna try Tradingview. :smiley: Haha. A lot of stuff on there and you can also use it to view real-time charts. :smiley:

Just try ‘Real Time Stocks Track & Alert’.

None in particular. Is Tradingview a paid app and is it user friendly?

There’s a free plan! :blush: But of course, you can opt to pay if you wanna access more features and functions. :smiley: Haha. Since I’m pretty much a cheapskate, I always just go for the free one. :sweat_smile:

Me, too. I’d get the free one first if it gives what I need.

I just tried this and it’s very straight and useful. I like it. I think I’m gonna use it. Thanks for the reccmmendation.