More bad news for XRP

An investor lawsuit is the last thing Ripple wants to deal with right now. But, you’re into some risk, might be an opportunity to buy, and then cross your fingers for later in the year.

Following Coinbase exchange, the Kraken exchange has also delisted XRP for US clients. While you can still deposit, hold, and withdraw XRP from the exchange, trading is not allowed.

Kraken’s portfolio app, Cryptowatch, still shows XRP in your portfolio manager, but it calculates no cash value of the asset.

By contrast, Coinbase portfolios show current values for XRP holdings.

Coinbase allows holding, buying, and selling of XRP, but not crypto-to-crypto trading.

I’m still holding XRP on Coinbase. Unlike my BTC hodling, my XRP position is a pure (reckless) gamble with throw-away money – so I’m holding it just to see what will happen.

Live Coin Watch, which I keep an eye on, still shows the current price for XRP (and dozens of other cryptos).