More eyes are on ETH

Looks like BTC is not the only coin fueling the crypto rally recently! :smiley: Anybody trading ETH?

Yes. I have been holding ETH since I bought it at 30ETH/BTC (circa 3 years). Now it is < 19. I am seriously thinking of selling ETH and buying BTC. My long term target was to sell at 10ETH / BTC.
ETH surge may be too much too soon, and I am in the market for a greater BTC share. Food for thought.

Primary portfolio holdings below.



Couldn’t resist that 20% ETH growth in 1 day. Holdings now more balanced against the theoretical holdings required for 2024. Now waiting for SOL vs ETH ratio to change by a similar amount.


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Do you always keep some USDT around?

Yes, the range on my target USDT holdings is from 0% to 10% of portfolio value. I also have another trading account with some USDT. How can you plan an effective trading campaign if you have no powder in the gun?

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It ended up growing for a time despite BTC falling at the same time, with the ETFs now, it is going to be an interesting time for ETH.

Oh wow. :open_mouth: Thanks for the detailed graph, Mondeo! :blush: Interesting to see the significant change in your portfolio within just 1 day (amount of BTC and ETH), but that makes sense. :thinking: I wonder if there have been a lot of changes within the past week. :thinking:

Are you also trading or holding ETH? :blush:

It’s weird how much didn’t move. I guess people are either accumulating or waiting for the actual approval or whatever. The real one.

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I am holding a bit of ETH.

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Would you say you’re among those people who are still waiting it out? :smiley:

Ooh! :blush: If you don’t mind me asking, what other coins do you have in your portfolio? :smiley:

A little bit of BTC, BRETT, DOGE, XRP, that’s it.