More Metatrader questions!

I have a couple of questions on Metatrader that I would appreciate help with please.

  1. I have created a few charts to my own specification on metatrader and have saved these, but how do I open these again next time? I’ve been searching everywhere but I can’t see the option to open a file anywhere. Please help because it’s driving me crazy!

  2. My timeframe on the charts is showing one hour ahead of me. How do I change this (note: all other charting software I use is correct time)

Thanks in advance!

First set the charts up exactl’y how you want them. Choose the type of chart you want (candles / bars/ etc…). Add all your indicators, custom indicators, etc… Then choose [B]Charts / Template / Save Template[/B] and choose whatever name you want. You can then open up any other pair that you want and then choose [B]Charts/ Template / Load Template[/B] and choose the name of the template you saved. Timeframe doesn’t matter because it you set all your indicators up on a 15 minute chart, and different indicators up on the 4 hour chart then all those changes will be loaded on your next pair that you choose. I personally have a default set of indicators that I use on all 5 majors, and custom setups on the GBP/USD, another custom setup on the EUR/USD.

I forgot to add if you load this software on a another machine (work, or laptop), then you can just copy those saved templates of yours from the[B] C:\Program Files\StrategyBuilderFX 4 emplates [/B]on one machine to another machine and load them up on as many pair as you want on the other machine.

You cannot change the time on the charts on Metatrader because it uses the time on the server. That sucks but we all have this problem but atleast it’s [B][I]FREE![/I][/B]


Cheers Topgun. As always, you’ve been most helpful! Many thanks!