More than one EA on the same pair?

Hey everyone, new to trading and the forum. I want to use my trailing stop EA together with my Straddle EA, on the same pair. Can I do that?, How?

Sorry but I am confused I have never heard of a trailng stop EA or a stradle EA. What are they?

I can send them to you when I get home, Im at work right now. The trailing stop EA is really cool because it follows your trade when you’re in profit. The hard part is getting to that profit zone! lol

The straddle EA is good for News trading because it places 2 orders at the same time, a buy and sell so when the price moves in either direction you will be in profit and whichever direction the price goes, the other order is cancelled. I actually use it as soon as the market opens and i can pick up some pips here and there. This is all in my demo so itz nothing concrete, still learning this about crazy new FX world!