Most trading volume

since the crypto market is open 24/7 , how can i get to know the most traded hours for maximum volatility and liquidity ?

  1. London opening session - first 4 hours
  2. NY opening session. - first four hours

isn’t that just for the forex market ?

Give Cryptoquant a look. Some really interesting data if you can decipher it.

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As you can trade crypto on FX, and as it’s the largest market on the financial planet, it makes sense to trade where there’s high volatility.


thank you i’ll look it up

it makes sense yes

In general, I have read that 16:00 UTC is the most volatile time period. Based on my experience, Saturday is the least volatile day and that is the reason I don’t trade on weekends. You can try Coinexx, Pepperstone or IC markets because they are usually good with liquidity. But they do not offer weekend trading.

A way to see when volatility is greatest hour by hour would be by referring to the ATR14 indicator chart on your platform. For example, in forex, in GBP/USD, this shows the start of a dramatic increase in volatility as depicted by ATR at 0700hrs UK time every day. Its regular as clockwork. The increase reverses at 1900hrs.


First three to four hours can be the most profitable. But you can’t really predict at which time volatility would be high. Just be active in the live market sessions.