Most Usable Chart Pattern in Forex!

Forex chart patterns are the most valuable things in forex trading. In day-to-day trading life, we did not place a single trade without seeing in the chart pattern. So, today we will talk about the most uses chart patterns in forex trading. So, here we go–

  • Head and Shoulders Pattern (H&S)

The H&S pattern changes after an uptrend and it can be a topping formation and after a downtrend, it can be a bottoming formation. A topping formation is high and follows a retracement which shows a higher high and then a lower low. Where bottoming formation is low and follows a retracement which shows a lower low and then a high low. The patterns become completed when the trendline connects both two highs or two lows.

  • Triangle Chart Patterns

The Triangle chart pattern is a very common pattern and occurs in short-term time frames. Especially day traders, scalpers are using triangle chart patterns. It shows the market volatility of prices with highs and lows. This chart pattern can vary in symmetric, ascending, descending for different trading purposes.

  • Engulfing Chart Patterns

Between candlestick and line patterns, the candlestick pattern is more informative than the line pattern. It is useful while showing more information when the price movement is engaging in all time frames. In these all candlestick patterns, particularly one which is more useful in forex trading.

Also, there are lots of patterns on my list. But you must be a forex trading analyst by your side to get the best trades. I am using Pipswin for sure. Because it is really reliable and trustworthy.

So, what’s on your mind? Please write down in the comment section!

Source: Your Daily THREE Main Chart Patterns in Forex Trading

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Yes these are some of the most widely used. Also break and retest

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A good strategy in chart pattern trading. Many professional traders use this strategy. And chart patterns do a lot to predict supply and demand. This strategy helps a lot in understanding the market momentum.

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I’d agree that H&S is probably one of the most used in retail trading.

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Personally I don’t use any patterns, I trade smart money. Most of these patterns are used to confuse traders.

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Triangle patterns are some of the most useful when breakout trading

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Thanks for sharing this nicely written informative post. No doubt these are useful chart pattern. The market often produces these chart patterns. If we can identify them accordingly, we surely would be able to make money by trading in the market. Yes, money management, risk-reward, discipline are needed as well.

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Welcome! Obviously, these are useful.