Motivation for the rest of the way

It’s been a few months that I’ve been trying to learn and get better at trading, but it’s been a few days that I’ve lost all motivation. Any idea why and what I should do?

Probably, you have learnt that trading is simple but not easy, and your expectations are not being achieved.

First of all, I suggest turn the clock back to why you wanted to learn how to trade. Successful traders have a mindset to be just that, and keep persevering until they meet their ambitions.

On my four year continuing learning experience, I treated my key objective as being a challenge to meet everything the market threw at me, and let the rewards, if any, take care of themselves.

I followed Peter Castle’s book, The Zen Trader, to develop a Zen mindset to accept emotional challenges with my only FX control being managing risk exposure.

If you have read this far, you will note I have not mentioned money, which is the prime reason why new traders fail to succeed. My mindset is keyed to succeed in being able to help others, not just myself.

I hope that helps.


Measure your perfomance not by outcomes but by your actions. Table all the things you need to do to find a target, find a trade, enter and manage the trade and its risk. Make sure you do them all every time. This is a 100% success rate. As long as you are using a rational, repeatable profitable strategy you will win at this game.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, you can break down your learning into smaller and manageable steps and try to focus on one concept or strategy at time. you know learning how to trade could be overwhelming.

Have you experienced losses in your trading? You know, there are times when losses can make us feel demotivated. But in those moments, why not consider a change of learning? Accept them as valuable lessons that can help you grow and learn along the way.

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Motivation might fluctuate. Periods of low motivation are common, but it is important to find ways to keep going and regain your enthusiasm again. For example you can establish a structured routine for your learning and and trading activities.

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Yeah, exactly. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed. I remember once being so excited that I read comments here regularly, but now… nope…

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes, especially when interests change or life gets busy. Take a break, focus on what matters most to you, and return to things like reading comments when you feel more motivated and excited about them again.

I feel ya brother. I do remember seeing some of your posts here when you first started. Aside from feeling overwhelmed it’s also the payout. It’s hard to stick it out and keep working when you have nothing to show for it. Do you think that maybe you were too intense when you first started out and it’s just kind of “normalizing” now?