Moving average Strategy

Whats up traders,

I got a question.

Ive been trading for a few months now and have not been profitable since the get go…but who is… lol

And the more i learn the more i realize how important it is to keep it simple.

At first i tried the whole moving average crossover but i was getting whipsawed to death. Then i startedseeing how people where using the rsi to confirm crossover. I never thought about that.

But it seems to simple and profitable to work.

At the moment i do not have a solid mechanical trading system. But i have been trading with RSI and STOCH and some Fibs and S/R and have been somewhat profitable. In the sense that i opened up a 500 account march 10 2014 and march 28 2014 it was at 977 BUT im currently in a trade where i am 200 dollars down because i messed up. Now, what im trying to find is a more consistent strategy.

My question is as follows :

How many of you follow a moving average strategy? If so, What are your parameters? How profitable has it been? Do you recommend it?

I heard about the go long if RSI is above 50 but below 65 and short if below 50 but above 35. Does that really work in your opinion?

Thanks guys

I just answered with my thoughts to a similar thread here: 301 Moved Permanently

Yes! Excellent advice :wink: