Moving Average

Dear All,

This is my first post effectively. Will like to inform you that I have developed one important trading strategy will like to share with all.

The strategy is simple and as follows:

  1. Put SMA 14 with color GREEN
  2. Put SMA 7 with color RED

Now trading this is very simple
When Red crosses from below to upwards of green then long the pair.

If red line crosses from above the green then sell the pair.

Tgt would be 50 pips
1 hour and 4 hr time frame best

For short targets like 10 to 20 pips u can use 15 or 30 mins chart.

SL will be depending on your capability I prefer trailing SL.

Hope everyone find this strategy useful and I am welcome to everyone response and comments.

And when the averages intersect more than once too fast?

Such a situation will arise when market are too volatile or some major news like NFP etc is about to come.

in such a case you have to look daily chart see what the moving averages are showing and take trade accordingly.

Guys for live example in current market

You all can see EurUsd H1 chart now and you will see the intersection and then see the next bar it’s like target achieved. You can either trail your SL in such case and wait for long targets or wait till the moving average does not intersect each other so u can be in the trade till trend reversal takes place

So today’s only one trade came in for EurUsd

However if any one notices trend on daily chart eurousd is going for interestion so longterm trend about to change.

Hope if that intersects that will be big upmovement.

Let’s see if tomo we get any live trade in this market

Today once again in eurousd H1 chart the trade got into good crossover.

Hope someone is still following this strategy.

Awaiting response from all members if any changes required.

Very interesting and simple system!
How long are you using this system in your trade?
How profitable is it?

Hello again !!

You saw the last post of the art of automation?

He speaks a similar strategy.

I have been using the strategy for last 2 years and it has been having 95% positive trades.

I really did not go through it but will now try to read and comment accordingly

I give you some advice!
Here is very good and willing to teach you trader, has so much content that sometimes even miss me! :18::18::18:

Follow the blogs and read more of the forum, I assure you that I learned a lot in those days good content on the market!

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Could post some chart examples for both successful and ‘failed’ trades? :slight_smile:

If your strategy is purely on targeting 50 pips per activation… then you must be having a very good 4-6 weeks or so :slight_smile: (if you trade GBPJPY H4)

I love this kind of strategy… Well done and nice work.

Just a suggestion (not trying to steal your thunder or anything), perhaps you can apply a certain fibonacci pullup technique to identify a Stop Loss area or a modest target area rather an arbritary number like 50 pips… promising strategy this.

Thanks for your suggestion I will definitely work on this and modify my strategy accordingly

I will post some charts for your reference.

You can also refer to chart posted for gbpjpy it shows the result of the strategy and they are awesome

Awesome results shown in gbpjpy h4 really this strategy is getting better.

I am making more improvement in this hope come with better one

I am backtester first (manual, spreadsheets, logging, stats and the like), trader second. I will be more than happy to help you in backtesting. If you want, you could post the certain parameters you want to test, which pair and timeframe and period (which year, which month etc etc).


Thanks for your help.

I would like the following to be tested on gbpjpy H4 chart
Buy when 7 SMA crosses 14 SMA from below to top and sell when vice versa
No TP the trade automatically converts I mean
If it is buy then when sell signal comes buy get closes and sell is open and so on.

Hope you will help in this.