MPT strategy

Hi Fellow traders.

This strategy is based on trend following using 100% mechanical rules. There is no discretion or subjectivity involved.
The idea is predominantly from the Turtle Strategy. The difference is my strategy requires a pull back to get the lowest risk possible. I’ve always struggled with mechanical trend strategies that require pull backs to get in. There was always some form of discretion or subjectivity. Now I can say there is not 1% subjectivity in this strategy. The whole strategy is 100% self working. Just follow the rules: KISS (keep it simple stupid)

I’ve been working on this strategy for a little while now & finally ready to share for others to test & give there feed back. What better place than here on babypips.

I’ve done some initial back testing which has proved successful but, & I say but…I have not had time to back test many years of data as of yet. Unfortunately I work full time & have my hands full testing the Slingshot strategy. I am also working on another strategy which is taking a lot of my spare time.

I am very confident that this is a profitable strategy but would like very much fellow babypippers to maybe demo & test different pairs, time frames etc. All I ask is you keep to the rules & of course journal your results (Including losses :33:).
I would love to my post charts, but for some reason I can not upload to this thread. Any suggestions?

All is explained in this video which is unlisted so can only be seen here.
I want to keep this quiet for a little while until proven long term profitable.

Enjoy :cool:


Demo setup - MPT demo setup - YouTube (1.06 KB)

is it the forex thing that is driving some people to hallucinative states of their minds or is it generally the capitalism that is driving all of us being crazy?

so where is this video (strategy)?

Tyrone, sorry, misunderstood that you were using a standard donc. Good that it’s something readily available. Don’t want to confuse anyone, so will remove the price channel indicator.

I do apologise. I made two videos & uploaded the one that was too long. The new video is clearer & shorter.

For the life of me, I can not upload any picture files. Any ideas? Anyone?

Im looking at 60 min charts in the following pairs:
All 7 majors

I have just taken a long entry in the spx500usd. Text book example. Unfortunately I cant upload pics.
All will be shown later by video.

will be following

cannot find the option of deleting the previous post; apologies for the unfortunate comment, it was caught between the time it took Tyrone Archer to fix videos, links etc.

Tyrone, always appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to share. See if I have this right. Would you consider the first entry valid though the stoch cross occurred a couple of bars before the lower donc turned up? Second entry looks spot on?

No doubt, posting items on bp is a challenge. Pardon me if you already know some of this. Start by capturing the image. From your chart, select “file,” “save as picture.” From there, I usually select “active chart” because it leaves off the account number and gets a pretty good shot. Now, you would go to "reply to thread"and “go advanced.” From there, go down to “manage attachments.” This should bring up the attachment window where you can browse for the picture you saved. “Upload” the picture, then,“insert online.”

Hope I got that right and it helps. Anyone, if I missed anything, feel free to chime in.

Thanks mate. I have tried this but the window always freezes. Maybe I need to update IE. Thanks all the same.

I will comment on your other post when im at home.

[QUOTE=“Tyrone Archer;624422”] Thanks mate. I have tried this but the window always freezes. Maybe I need to update IE. Thanks all the same. I will comment on your other post by when im at home.[/QUOTE]

Try Mozilla Firefox…download ad block plus as well!

That’s ok mate. It was my fault for uploading incorrect video. All is good now :wink:

The first yellow vertical line is incorrectly drawn. Should be right at the stochastic cross which is valid below the 20, however I cant say this is a valid entry as I can not see if the donchain channel has already stepped up previously. If it has then this is a valid entry (at the cross not after). If the Donchain channel was stair stepping down then obviously this would not be a valid setup & entry.
The 2nd line could be 1 bar to the left, right at the cross of stochastics. This is a very good picture example though so thanks for uploading the chart. The Donchain channel is stair stepping up & we have a cross in the oversold below 20. Valid setup & entry. Text book.


Thanks I may have too, but I don’t like two web browsers on one computer. Had issues with Firefox in the past. I will try updating my IE first, maybe this is the problem.

Can you tell me what is that indicator you use for trailing your stops (the one with the dots). I thought it’s something on the donchian channels, but it isn’t.
Your strategy looks very interesting. I will give it a try.
I wait for your reply.
Thank you

I think i can get it. Let’s revisit that earlier picture. We would be looking for the donc to start stepping first, then, watch for the stochs to cross. Is that right? In this signal, it was stepping up, but it took about 12 bars before the stochs crossed. Is that too far back to watch for steps or, in the interest of being specific, should we specify a number of bars within which to see both conditions? My guess is that you might want to see those occur fairly close to one another. On the other hand, it would have been a profitable trade, so maybe we just need to do some more research to see how those play out.

This was the second entry. As you said, “textbook.” The stochs had not actually crossed on the previous bar, see the arrow indicating crosses. Otherwise, another winner. We could get to like this.

No probs. All I’ve done is insert a 10 period donchain with dotted lines & same colours.

Nice. Thank you!
What does MPT means?

My Personal Trend strategy.

I have no rule to how many bars etc. Feel free to add filters if you like but I personally will take every valid set up just for data purposes. Remember KISS.

As for the stoch cross, I only need to see the line poke its nose through the other line when a bar closes. That’s a signal to take the trade. Its up to you if you want to wait for a more clearer cross as per your charts. What ever you do just be consistent for data purposes.

Had one loss in the usdcad & now im in a winning position in the SPx500. There is also another setup that took place today in the usdjpy which is also in profit with another setup to add to this position, however I could not take it as I was working. Price has dropped too far now.
There’s also a setup in cornusd which im waiting for the 60 min bar to close before taking trade. Its all explained here in the video. (Maybe still processing)