MQ4 change colors

Hi All, I try to change the DarkBlue color to Neutral so it would not show on the chart anymore. what do I have to change on this code to get the DarkBlue to None?

#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_buffers 4
#property indicator_color1 DarkSlateBlue
#property indicator_color2 Maroon
#property indicator_color3 DarkBlue
#property indicator_color4 DarkBlue

extern color color1 = DarkSlateBlue;
extern color color2 = Maroon;
extern color color3 = DarkBlue;
extern color color4 = DarkBlue;

Thanks, appreciate a reply :slight_smile:

You can temporarily change it in the input parameters to “none” when it’s attached to the chart, but I haven’t found out yet how to do that in the code. The other option is to change it to the same color as your charts background in the code so it will basically be invisible.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that but I like to have them permanent with no color. I don’t want to do away with it either in case I find out I may need them again.
The only way is in the mq4 code then compile new.
I tried to set the darkBlue to none but then I get a code error.:eek:
Background color is not working for me since I have the Trading hours of the day painted on the chart therefore the lines will show up.
Thanks anyway hopefully somebody knows the answer.:slight_smile:

Ok, found out…just a bit of googling to find it…

extern color color3 = CLR_NONE;
extern color color4 = CLR_NONE;

Darn, You are the man. :smiley:
Thanks appreciate it very much.
i know from tymen thread you do all kind of coding. :slight_smile:
So I take my chance and ask another omne:
I set the regular arrow from MT4 on the chart to remember if i want to trade this currency up or down.
I would like that this arrow stays in place and the chart is moving, you know by chance if this could be done?
or is there an arrow somewhere else that would stay in place?
I goggled yesterday all over the place but could not find this answer either.Thanks

WOman actually :p…lol

I know exactly what you mean…I do the same thing and have to keep repositioning it as the chart moves along.

There doesn’t seem to be an apparent way to anchor the arrow when placing it manually on the chart.

What I think what I’m going to do instead is write an indicator just to display an arrow…lol. As you probably already know, the Object commands in mql will allow you to anchor the graphic in place, and I can use an extern variable for the arrow character code to easily change it to up or down without having to recompile each time.


It’s funny, a minute later (after I stuck my foot in my mouth) I remembered that you are woman.:slight_smile:
Glad it’s not just me that could not find the anchored arrow. I have to admit I don’t really code, I usually take an indi and convert it to what I need.
Yesterday I could goggle whatever I tried, nothing came up what I needed or wanted.
Thanks for your help I appreciate it.

No problem…it shouldn’t matter anyways :cool:

When I get around to making this indicator (which will only take a few moments but I’m at work right now), I’ll share it with you if you like unless you come up with something else instead.


Thanks, will appreciate it, have a good weekend.

Let me know if this is what you had in mind. It’s only the mql file so you’ll have to open it in metaeditor and compile it.

:slight_smile: (519 Bytes)

That’s exactly what I had in mind and I made me the “Arrow Down” (Wingding 242) already too. :slight_smile:

Very much appreciated. Thanks

Sweet Pip,
would you mind if I post your arrow for the other people on ruilima thread?

Of course I give you the credit for it.