MQL5 has banned me. What can I do?

Something very strange happened to me. I was using MT4 and tried to modify an order. Instead of typing numbers, I accidentally pressed a key combination that entered text into the input box which was the content of my clipboard that was pasted. MT4 crashed immediately. Now I can run it but I can’t log in to any of my broker accounts. Even weirder, the MQL5,com site looks very strange. No javascript is loading so the site looks all broken. I tried to log in and authorization failed. Accessing it through a proxy, the site looks normal. I tried their contact form through the proxy and got an error saying I had exceeded the number of tickets on a day. But that was the only one! I also tried creating a new account with a new email address even through the proxy, and the site just says “operation failed.” I am completely shut out! I can’t even reach them to explain my situation. Does anyone here have idea of what I can do? This is very unfair and I am feeling devastated.

Metatrader support are the worst ever, they don’t respect your time, and customer support are very slow and not serious, they don’t even take time to resolve your problem. If you or the moderator made a mistake, they ban you without warning or explanation even you put years working on their platform, and then forget.
You cannot trust them, they don’t care about your time and energy.

have they fixed yet?