MQL5 Signals Error


So I am subscribed to mql5 signals and I have them setup with a trade copier so I can use fixed lots and stack signals and manage the trades easier…

I am getting error code 133 saying trading is disabled… after a quick search it was said this could be for a multiple of reasons. Perhaps there was a margin issue, perhaps the symbols are not mapped correctly, etc… I double checked and these do not seem to be the issue…

Could it just be possible that MetaTrader has disabled copy trading from signals?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi, what mql5 or signal provider told you?

Well the signals are copying to my first account, but they are not copying from that account to my main account where I manage lot sizes… I was wondering if mql5 prevents this somehow. It worked for me before though so idk…

if you pay commission as a percentage from profits, what you do is a fraud, you know that right?

What are you talking about, I copy signals to an account with .01 lot and then I am able to used fixed lots to copy to my own main account. There is absolutely no paying commission based on profits, there is a monthly subscription fee. No fraud at all.

so why did you it? in this case you will have higher risk and slippage. Ask signal provider or mql5 support why you can’t copy signals to main account.

Because you cannot control lot sizes in mql5, hence the reason many people copy trades to another account so they can manage lot sizes.

I don’t use mql5 signals, it is your choice to use it