Mr James Joseph

I am Mr James, and hail from Nigeria. I have been in the online trading community over nine year now.
I have over the years done more of educating my self and learning about forex, and other instruments than trading. I was a student of M.T.I Florida USA where I got deep knowledge about professional trading and trading successfully. I believer I have a lot of knowledge now when it comes to trading, and making money in the forex world. Right now I want to really put into practice all i have learn over the years about forex trading into real money making.

Somehow, i think the real problem we are having in the trading community is lack of proper education on Forex and other instruments. Some times getting a real seasoned professional teacher and mentor is the problem
most people in the community have… Indicators in my own understanding over the years of real study, and practice are there to enhance your trading; but can never replace the real education one need in order to be a seasoned trader…

Retail traders like us should try to have the right kind of education in trading before coming out to face the None commercial traders who are mainly the Banks. I strongly believe one can make real money in forex when the right education on trading is gotten.
So folks,forex is real and one can be made rich trading forex only with the real education.