Hi my name is Janie de Klerk. Currently my husband and I are staying in Kareedouw in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. I am studying Psychological Counselling and am an artist.

This is the first time that I will be involved in Forex Trading and have no experience in dealing with shares. I am very eager to learn and will love to share Forex Trading with my three daughters!

Greetings Janie and welcome to the forums! How are you finding South Africa? Is it worth a visit? :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing your background; I’m sure your study in the psychology field will help you, especially if you’re looking to be a discretionary style trader.

Forex trading is a very difficult skill that will take years of practice to gain competency, so take the learning phase slow to develop good habits, and focus on staying consistent with your daily/weekly preparation and trade journaling. Good luck!