MT4 00:00am Market Watch and Market Opening Times


I would like to know what time the market opens as per [B]my[/B] MT4 Market Watch?

I have been reading up on the Market Opening Hours, but due to information overload I am getting a bit confused.

My broker bases MT4 [B]server[/B] time on 5pm New York. Currently, 6 May 2014, the server time on my MT4 is set to GMT+3.

Market Open = 00:00am MT4 Server Time (Monday)
Market Close = 23:55pm MT4 Server Time (Friday)

Now, when looking at my Market Watch on MT4, what time does the forex markets open?


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It is very well explained… Please note that there is a small difference in the winter and summer working hours of the market… For example, in my country winter time is GMT+1 while summer time (that begins end of April) is GMT+2…

Thanks Nence.

Okay, so if my MT4 server time is GMT+3 and the Asian sessions opens at 23:00PM GMT, that would be 02:00AM on my MT4 platform? Correct?


Exactly! :45:
Good luck!