MT4 - automatic setup of common things


I have an EA that trades 15+ pairs, but setting everything up can be quite time consuming. here’s what I have to do.

–open up 15 pairs
–set the correct time frame
–change to candle stick and also change the colour of the candles
–add an indicator to the chart
–add and customize the EA.

I am performing testing, so I have multiple MT4 instances setup. Is there a easy way to set this up once and then to be able to copy it to my other MT4 instances which may be on the same/different computer?

I know that the profiles are stored as ini files. Could I possibly just copy this profile folder before trading has started and then copy it to the other MT4 instances?


There are .CHR files within profiles\default that hold all informations on opened charts and loaded indicators. (these files are plain-text, so look into them to understand what they do)


Create one chart the way you want it, save it as a template. Then open up the remaining 14+ charts and load the same template on all of them. Once you are done that, save the entire workspace as a profile. In your installation directory, you will find the profiles folder as well as the exact profile you just created. Copy and paste that entire folder to your other MT4 instances.


You could save your setup as a TEMPLATE, then copy the TEMPLATE across your MT4 instances.

Further, you could use these two handy scripts ( • View topic - Scripts to install same Template & Timeframe on all charts) to propagate a TEMPLATE or TIMEFRAME across multiple charts.


cool. Thanks guys. That’s what I thought, but didn’t know if there was a better/alternative way. Dudest, thanks for the scripts…I’ll check them out.