MT4 BackTesting with Tickstory


I’ve been really struggling over the last few weeks trying to get the data from tickstory lite to work properly in MT4 strategy tester.

I have downloaded the M1 data for EURUSD for 1 year in TickStory, which gives me a 1.4GB file in the Tester/History folder inside MT4.

When I go to the strategy tester, there is data missing. When playing through there are candles missing, replaced by a horizontal line instead.

The TickStory is meant to provide individual tick data for each second. It is my understanding that MT4 doesn’t allow this level of data, but instead only allows an entry every minute.

When the stratgy tester kicks in, the 1.4GB files reduces to 20MB! Where has all the data gone!? what am i doing wrong.

Please help me out here, its driving me crazy.

Have a read of this thread, see if it helps bro. This is still my testing methodology.