Mt4 broker

I’ve found one good broker, but he didn�t permit hedging and do not have micro forex accounts, but I need micro forex with high leverage.

I know this isn’t want you want to hear, but “micro forex with high leverage” is a sure sign of disaster!

I urge you not to use high leverage to try and build profits quickly. You WILL lose your money.

I built up a small account with 1:50 leverage, and I didn’t use anywhere near all of that… High leverage is a scam brokers use to bankrupt you, please don’t fall for it.

Provided money and risk management is carried out adequately, high leverage in itself doesn’t have to be a bad thing. That’s the theory.

In reality, it corresponds to giving a Ferrari to an eighteen year old and tell him “don’t break the speed limit”…

Agreed, but the original poster specifically asked for a broker with high leverage, so I can only assume he’s going to use it!!

After all, who buys a Ferrari and [I]doesn’t[/I] break the speed limit?? :smiley: