Mt4 cowabunga EA help


i have attached the cowabunga EA to my mt4 chart, but havent gotten any email alert from it. when i open it in the editor it always defaults back to email=false.

anyone using this alert and have gotten an email alert in the last 2 days?

any help appreciated

so im right in assuming that no-one has gotten an email alert from this EA??

I have been getting emails fine with the Indicator ( Not EA). When you attach it to the chart it will prompt you to turn the email on by choose true. The default is set to only email you one time and thats it until you restart or remove the email line in the script at the end of the code, then recompile. Test your email using the test button when you first set it up and if the test works then check the journal for errors. It took me awhile to get email working in general through MT but once its setup it works great.


thanks for the reply. i now have it to the point where the email=true will stick but still havent gotten an email alert. so im just wondering if it has triggered in the last 24 hours say, so i know if i still dont have it set right. if no one has gotten an email alert in the last 24 hours, then i still dont know if mine is working ok.

with other alerts i do get an sms on my phone. from an adx crossover EA, but i dont trade with that.



shortly after i posted my response, i got an sms with a buy trigger from cowabunga.

thanks for your advice

No problem. Just remember that it will only trigger once until you restart Metatrader. See quote below from Ybop01 who created the script.

[I]“I have it set so it only sends one email and then ignores any new triggers until the indicator is reset. I hate spam, (even spamming myself!). You can change this however by removing the “Send_Mail=false” line near the end of the code.”[/I]