MT4 Demo Profits

Hello all!

Still new to the game, but have learnt a lot about forex and subsequently, the financial world… I began using the MT4 software in a demo account, and found it easier and easier as I experimented with it. I basically doubled the $50,000 leveraged account in two weeks… So I was wondering, would those be the same pip spreads (and pip profits!) I would have earned if it were a true and active account (with real money)?

Yes, it would be the same considering the market at that moment and th way you played whithin a real account whith that amount of money deposited.

I would recomend you to read/study more and continue praticing your demo account for more 3 months at least.


If all you did was straight, what is called, forward testing on your demo account, yes. If you did any backtesting (where you go and use historical data to simulate what would have happened with your trades), then no. MT (and a lot of platforms from what I have heard) use fixed information with certain things, like variable spread. Also, slippage already happened in the back data, so that is something that you do not get to see when “live” trading.

In demo, no slippage, but in real, slippage could happen quite usually. Just note, and if you have a solution to overcome it, you can make profit.