MT4 - Display more than one timeframe within the same chart window

I have seen on some peoples’ charts that they are able to see several ‘mini’ windows showing other timeframes of the same chart within the same MT4 window. Does anyone know what indicator does this?

Here is an example showing the chart showing the main timeframe being viewed at the top of the window and the other timeframes (for the same pair) as mini charts at the bottom of the same window

When you bring up your trading platform bring up your 1st chart, then go to top right where the restore down button is click on it, go back bring up 2nd chart, go back to the top and click restore down, then do the same for the next chart. Once you have 3 charts restored down, go to the top left click on window then tile vertically or horizontally.

Thanks value_ that was the indicator i was looking for. I did try it though but i am not able to see any charts. This is all i see when i add the indicator (i.e. the bottom screen is empty).

Do you know if i need to use some specific settings for the other timeframes to display?

In my platform it worked “out of the box”, so you don’t need any specific settings.
Maybe you need a tick update to show properly.

Thats a pretty neat indicator… although if you want a makeshift version, can’t you just open multiple windows and have they open all at once?

Yes you could open multiple windows but they take up a lot of space. I prefer to see the bigger candles so the more space i can save the better.

Thanks everyone for the help. I finally managed to find one that does work. Here is how it now appears on my screen

I downloaded the indicator from this link if anyone is interested.
Recent Candles indicator @ Forex Factory

Where to get this download link. Thank for repling

Is there a similar version for Metatrader 5? I’ve been lookin all over the forums + to find one.