Mt4 does not close a trade

Hey traders! Has anyone experienced an issue with MT4 where a trade doesn’t close when you hit the ‘close’ button? I’ve been facing this problem lately, and it’s quite frustrating. Any insights or suggestions on how to troubleshoot or fix this? Thanks in advance!

hi, could you send any screenshots?

are you sure about your internet speed and ping?
when i use vpn it make problems in mt5 but i dont know about mt4
maybe you can say what is the error and how is your speed to get better help

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i haven’t, but i’ve certainly seen the problem discussed both here and elsewhere, before

i think the broker’s support desk/team is the place to ask for help, about this (though i certainly also agree with what Vasil says, just above)

I’m not sure, but it could be an internet connection problem.

Hello JRB!
I think it is not the best place to ask this question; check the points made by Vasil, and then go to the support team of your broker (I care about this point while I am choosing my broker; I want 24/7 support with helpful staff, not just online staff).
Also, you check this video: My MetaTrader4 won't let me place a trade?! - YouTube
Best Luck/

Hey buddy.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any screen shot at that moment. but I tried today and now it is ok. not sure what happened tried to close program on task manager.

Unfortunately I didn’t check the ping but yes I had connection.
I use mt4.

Thanks @flamingoproxy.
Yes I wish I knew that sooner.
It happened frequently recent days.
I will check that this time.

I don’t think so.
I should check the ping this time! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hello Margaret.
I frequently ask questions both here and in other forums, and my friends here are always willing to gladly assist me.
What broker do you use?

Thank you for the link; I just double-checked it.
Additionally, I believe my broker had nothing to do with it I m fine with them

Yeah, keep an eye on that…