MT4 EA problems

Hey guys, im using a trade manager for MT4 but I am unable to click on most of the panel buttons, all that happens is the sidescroll cursor appears.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Uninstall MT4 and reinstall it, it usually works! Regards.

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I did that mate, now working perfectly.

Thanks for your help :+1::+1:

The same happened with me. I had to reinstall the software.

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If it is not a secret, how can you evaluate it? How useful is it for your work?
I have heard many positive reviews about it. But I don’t dare to put it into practice yet, because I’m not sure that it can really help me.

What are you talking about, mate?

Any signals or similar services can be used at once, but sometimes it can be used as a kind of benchmark for further decisions. Here everything depends on your level of preparation and your approach to the market.