Mt4 Ending, NSA spying, What.?

Hi To all you Traders,

Today i became depressed to see 2 things on the Internet that i hope is just a joke.

1 firstly The end of MT4…

is this a f-ing joke .? one of the MAIN reasons i used MT4 is because it does not load .DLL’s

2 Second is this…

Looks like the NSA have got some NEW hacking tools to TEST

Now this twerp can spy on us even more…!!!

Please tell me MT4 is not going in next few years…please.

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Mt4 is outdated architecture that is being phased out in favour of Mt5. This first step simply means that no new Mt4 servers can be created; existing servers will continue to be serviced.

However, at some point those servers will fill up - Tickmill UK, for example, has three Mt4 servers already. At that point the broker will need to start opening Mt5 servers (or some other platform) or start turning customers away.


SO can you perform Hedging on MT5…? or disable Loading of .DLL’s? and what do you mean outdated It does its job i thought they created MT5 to add the Extra functionality that MT4 lacks so
when you say outdated would the FIX protocol be outdated too And SWIFT because you Know the NSA Monitors these.???

MY Worry is WHY METAQUOTES would only use Microsoft Product for this platform as Windows is the most Hacked Exploited OS Why not run Natively on BSD, REDHAT etc…?

I don’t use Mt5, so I can’t give details. I’ve messed about with the android version and it’s almost identical to Mt4. Other than moving a few menu options, I couldn’t see any immediate differences.

When I talk about Mt4 being outdated, though, I mean ‘under the hood’. The code was written 12 years ago, and changing that stuff without breaking things is very difficult. My understanding is that there are things that simply cannot be added to Mt4, simply because the legacy code does not allow it. This is why there are certain instruments that are Mt5 only.

It makes sense that Metaquotes would not want to run two separate systems forever, any more than Microsoft wants to be stuck updating old versions of windows forever.

I think you will find that it’s the Brokers Don’t want to pay License Fee for 2 platforms
Nothing to do with Updating as MetaQuotes are Making Money from 2 Platforms…!!!
Nothing needs adding to MT4 it is fine as it is it does not need Extra stuff added That is Why They Created MT5 for those People.
Security updates yes,

Then this Really Won’t affect you Don’t worry about it thanks for your input tho.


The more Informed we are The better our judgement is…>

Its Turning into a Tech WAR …

This May well be The Start of WW3 / Technical WAR

we have to admit mate, it’s been around for a while… you can’t deny that.
but , IT’S NOT BROKE. so . it doesn’t need to be fixed
the question is will they scrap it in favour of MT-5
if they do… We’ll adapt i guess

You can always run VIRTUAL if you wish on a Linux Based System


one of the ads that babypips puts on the right side over there

You gotta love how Expert option creates ads


and the fact that she has a really nice… TOP hehe
has nothing to do with it… huh

I mean when woman trade, they ALWAYS sit around like this (as you do)… (it’s just normal… huh ) hehe


Yes it has been around for so long should tell you something Remember Nokia 3210 and that
there still doing there job And not getting Hacked like the Newer updated Smartphones are…

Its still gona run Windows Binary’s and other Vulnerabilities through WINE…

Yes we will adapt But the point is Big Players and Hackers are tying to Corrupt still and now they can do it much easier.

You said you was an IT Guy do you Have the Shadow Brokers Files I Have and ive seen What the NSA can do.

Since the leak of it Im guessing Russia And other countries like china all have there versions

hehe 3220 , mate, that’s nothing
Remember Nokia 3810 Mate… what a phone huh
a phone to rival all phones hehe

i bow in respect to this phone
but… Yours is ok as well

now the question is… did yours have SNAKE or SNAKE II ? hehe

I here you mate, I bloody here you hehe

Yes, I IS AN I.T. GUY hehe
that’s the technical and official job description BY THE WAY… "I.T. GUY " :stuck_out_tongue:

No i don’t have them
I Have not seen what NSA can do, I beleive that’s a US thing… right

here in Australia we once had the NCA, I’ve seen what they can do and i’ve personally seen what ASIO can do
and i’ll leave it at that

but no i don’t have the files

Yes NSA American Security Agency There Hacking Teams software they used to hack and spy got leaked
I downloaded the files to Compare with The Metasploit Framework
And lets just say The NSA’s software is A lot Better. Basically Now they Have another excuse to spy and Hack computer Networks.No matter where you are…!

With more updated tools.

For All You Noobs Take NOTE…


Thank You to Mark Chapman for explaining… The Manipulations

The theory appears impressive doesn’t it. The actuality is another kettle of fish altogether.
It’s really not much use to anyone however unless he paints a full picture of the 100 level with clarity of structure, context & filler.

There will be just as many knock outs in those prospective or potential set ups as knock in’s, & the structure will play a large part in determining whether or not that situation not only sets up as described, but plays out successfully. You can neutralise most of those situations by siding with context majority of the time.

In trending or established directional moves, you won’t need to worry too much about getting mugged like that. Just take a look at last week’s usdjpy 112 level to see what I mean.

I’ll flog you a far better & much more consistent workhorse that that for $297 per month! :slight_smile:

What are you saying @corin

I don’t understand what your trying to say?

Define & compare the stats & results of trading breakouts & pullbacks within the context of a trending structure to those trading breakouts & pullbacks within a ranging structure.

My Post was to show new traders whats happening when there stops are being taken out and when the price seems to be consolidating.

I have never mentioned Trading in a Range WTF are you on Pal .

And i defo wouldn’t be giving you $297 a month either.

[quote=“A1lenTrader, post:1, topic:123226”]Hello to you all,
I am New to trading been looking into it for 3-4 months practicing my strategies and just learning how it all works on demo’s.[/quote]
I suppose allowance should be made given the fact you’re still wearing those rose tinted glasses.
Research your links a bit more carefully next time pal :wink:


Whats your Point corin Your talking a load of balls
What you mean research your links.? What Links.?

Get to the point or just go away.

So the videos i posted are not brand new But still relevant

I don’t understand what it is your trying to say?

I take it you have already done this and are now going to post the results…?

i don’t trade breakout or retraces so i couldn’t give o toss either way