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I’m very new to MT4 and I have an EA that I am running on my desktop. My question is, will this EA file appear on my new laptop that I am going to purchase? I know the trades will run from wherever I login but I was wondering if my EA file will be visible on the new laptop or do I have to copy the EA file to every pc that I have?

All replies will be greatly appreciated.

No… You need to copy the EA file (.ex4) to your laptop. What can be done is to run it on your desktop and to log on to your dekstop using your laptop.

Be careful. If the ea makes adjustments to settings those are only available on the desktop or the laptop. So if you switch between the desktop and laptop, you need to take these settings with you to. But maybe your EA doesnt’keep or adjust settings.

Yes, copy the file, copy settings and the best time to do that is when the market is closed. I wouldn’t run the ea from more than one place at the same time.

That will be sufficient than… Will your laptop be on all the time when you trade? When you turn it off, your EA isn’t working. Just saying as people missunderstood that before…

So what should be the solution to this problem? An EA can be down for many reasons (Internet disconnection, power disconnection). Is there any server or hosting providing which we could use to run our EA without worrying about EA not working in these circumstances.

The answer: A VPS (virtual private server)

I recommend these guys: The best VPS for FOREX, commodities and equities traders


Can you tell us, please, which EA you will purchase… ?
There is a lot of scams. Be careful.

Hi every one
I am new, I know it may be irrelevant to this thread but forgive me as I am just a baby in this forum, so my question is that I had problem with my MT4 which showed me different margin level on my same account on my iPhone app and my laptop by 40% and I lost, so can any one help me that it was my fault or broker or MT4?