Mt4 Fib Issue

On my mt4 platform, when I attempt to draw fibonacci, I notice that the origin is actually the 100% and the destination is the 0% mark. I don’t know at what point it switched on me, but I would like it set back to default. Please let me know if you know how to fix this issue. Thanks.

Are you saying that your 100% isn’t the origin (from point) anymore?

I am pretty sure that the default is that when you first click it is the 0% and then the 100% is whatever the last click is. Thats how I am used to it and it is opposite right now.

Well, I’m used to the “From” point being 100% and the “To” point being 0%. That way, as price retraces back through the scale, it measure the depth of the retracement. Therefore 38% is a shallow retracement, and 78.6 is a deep retracement.

Ya you’re right. I don’t normally use fibs but I responded to somebody about fibs earlier so I thought I would play around with it again and it seemed backwards. But you are right and I am crazy. It had just been a while since I used them.