MT4 fibs

I was wondering if anyone knew how I could change my fib numbers, for instance put a 0.750 in there and a 0.250. I was just wondering,this system I am trying out has them altered.I am using MT4.

Here’s the only way I know:

  1. Draw your Fibs

  2. Right click on chart and choose “Objects list”

  3. Choose Fibs from the list and click the “Edit” button

  4. Choose the “Fibo Levels” tab and you’ll see all your levels. Simply click the “Add” button to input the new levels you want.

I don’t know how to save it as a default setting, since Fibs are built into MT4, so you’ll have to do it every time.

Unless someone else knows how to save your settings as defaults.


Thanks, I did that then saved it into my templates so I just load template and it is changed for me every time I apply it now.Been messing with this system Impulsive/Corrective Wave Retracement (ICWR).It uses fibonacci ratios.Pretty interesting stuff.I am trying to incorporate it with candles and hopefully get my system together from there.I have jumped around so much in the last 4 months:)I think this could be where I plant my feet in a system. Thanks for the info though in2bluse it was helpful.Like I said if you want a setting to be a “so called default” I guess you can just make a template and load it anytime you are using what ever indicator you changed,if you know what I am saying here.:smiley:

Glad to help.

I forgot about saving it as a template. Whatever works, right?


You can apply the tool then right click select fibo properties and the box should come up…note if you put a negative - sign before the . it place the value above the 0.0 line if that makes sense it can be tricky to get all the number lined up right. Hope this helps!

Seriously a nine year old thread, you think the guy is still watching this thread?