Mt4 has demo trading account should i use that first

can I trade mt4 demo account without a broker.

I believe you can demo trade without any contact with a broker. The only difficulty these days is unless you are using exclusively IOS or Android to get a copy of MT4 you need to go through a broker. But don’t worry as almost all brokers allow you to setup a demo account with them.

i am using my laptop, and my iphone

I guess then to acquire a copy of MT4 for your laptop you will most likely have to contact a broker and ask them to setup a demo account. They will then send you a link to be able to download MT4 for your laptop. And I believe you just need to get the generic copy of MT4 from the App Store for your phone. Best of luck with your learning journey.

There is no issue if you want to use demo account by any broker or without any. broker. I will suggest first practice on demo unless you are not aware of all trading. It is a type of training that will not go waste. After it uses a demo account related to any broker with which you want to work it will give you an idea of how this trader treats trading terms.

thank you all for your contribution.

As you would ultimately require a broker for trading with a live account, why not select your broker on the basis of how it performs on a demo account? This is one of the ways through which you can decide on the reliability of the broker.

Actually, it’s good that you think about the demo, because it’s a great opportunity to practice and get used to the main terminal without risking your money. It’s the right approach. I wish you good luck in your future career as a trader.