Mt4 life?

hi friends…at present mt4 is the charting software used by the most in the world.

will it out dated? if so in how many years it will ? please tell me.

if mt4 will out date…then what is the next product? which may become popular?

Nobody can predict that. In my opinion MT4 was 5 to 10 years out of date when it was released, but it is still almost as popular as ever. MT5 has been around for 3 years and has hardly taken any of MT4’s users away. Some software gets so imbedded that it takes something major to replace it. Just look at Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.

MT4 been’s around for quite a while now, all brokers offer mt4 trading platforms while only a select few provide the mt5 option. Personally, it takes a while to get used to mt5 especially after you have been using mt4 for a while. And guess it all comes down to personal preference as well…

MT5 is not specially designed to replace MT4, it is an alternative. As I understand the brokers are not planning to make a transit as most traders aren’t programmers and they are worried that they will not transfer to MT5. As I understand, both will be available.

Thinkorswim is a pretty good multi-utility platform.

Only thing I would say is that traders probably settled in with MT4 and got sick of all this new **** since you can do or program what you need in MT4 no need to change.

Tradestation looks cool though but at the end of the day some people prefer all these algos and indi’s, some people prefer the tape.

hi friends…thanks for ur replies…it is clear …

but an u tell me one thing?

our broker able to see our charts? i mean?

if we have drawn some s\r levels and pivot poins, and our indicators…ea’s etc…?

fir example if we are using couwabunga system on our mt4, then our broker will come to know about the indicators that we use?

does he can look at our indicators that we r having on our charts? i dont think so…what do you say?:7:

Yes, Even all the TP & SL levels are appear to them

yae broker can see our tp and sl levels because we r requesting him to close the deal at that time when price reach tp or sl level…

i am asking if we draw a horizontal line or fib lines then he can see them as what we r looking?

what about the indicators?? broker can see? does he able to know weather what indicators we r using on our chart?

for example we r using cowabunga system…then he can see the moving avgs and macd and rsi indicators which r in our chart?

he can identify what indicators we have on our chart?

hi guys…please tell me the answer…i am waiting …for the replies…thank u.

please some one reply for post no 8? i am waiting…thank u.