Mt4 mobile and micro account broker

Hi guys! could someone please advise me on a very reliable broker, one that’s been in existence for almost a decade or more that offers a micro account and also enables one to trade on their mobile phones through meta trade 4 mobile. Thanks:)

Try , make sure which one you sign with the UK or US!

Hi! You can probably try out my broker: WSD. They are highly regulated by NZX and this authorisation allows them to offer client segregation funds to their clients.

Also, they offer the facility to trade mini and micro lots and you can open an account with them with a min of $200 USD.

They also offer MT4 and the mobile MT4 facility which i have been using and its really good.

I have had an account with them amd i am really satisfied with them.

Hi funtrader,

How does the funds segregation work?

How long does it take for funds transfer?

Does their customer service reply to you fast?


I am not sure any broker will allow ‘true segregation’. Broker needs access to our money - in other case it could not work for us. So either it is your account of brokers bank account - they still have access to your money whenever they want.

That broker he recommended, I really never heard of, but after a lil search I found the are in new zealand , and couldn’t find any reviews for the.
I personally wouldn’t take any advice from some one with one post on the forum.
Go to reviewpips.comand look for reviews for any broker before you sign up with them.

I’m actually using fxdd. I particularly like their tight spread.

But the disadvantage is depositing of funds cost me USD21. Therefore i’m looking for fund segregation to manage my depostits, to minimise transfers of funds.

I also heard of debit cards, by Avafx. Does anybody knows how such debit cards work? Is it a separate account with the bank?

Hey I am glad that u showed interest for my broker!
Ok this is how the funds segregation works…God forbids if the broker defaults or goes broke, your money would still be refunded to you within 48 hours becuase clients money are kept in clients own accounts instead of the company’s accounts. Also WSD offers a direct deposit service through PayPal.
Their customer service is avilable 24x5.

Also if you are keen to check the review of my broker you can check it on,

Here’s the link:

Hey buddy!
If you are sceptical about wsd’s rating, here’s are the links you can have a look at to check the their review.

Hey buddy!

If you are sceptical about their review, you can can visit forexbrokerguide and froexpros’s page to check out their rating.

Thanks i’ll check out the review.

But i tried their demo and noticed that the EURUSD spread is 4pips. that’s a lot for me. My FXDD charges 2pips only.
Of course i’m talking about normaly market conditions. I know during extreme high volitility, spread widens.

I’d been using FXOpen for 2 years and i’m really satisfied with their spreads. With $25 i can open an account. The platform is so fast when loading chart unlike platform sometimes it really gets me frustrated.

Also, now the FXOpen has cash bonus for opening an account and their leverage is up to 1:500.

Hi fxster, I like FXDD also but the problem I have with them is that I’ve found it impossible to download their mobile mt4 trader from their website and that is why I’m looking towards a change of broker but before I do that, could you help me by attaching an already downloaded fxdd mt4 mobile trader on this thread so that I can try and download it here or could you give me another link other than fxdd’s website so that i can download it. THANKS

you should try to download it from your phone, open the browser and go to
and navigate to the mt4 mobil download.