MT4 or MT5 in Smartphones

Do you guys know any tutorials about indicators, chart patterns, etc on a smartphone? Any tips? I am planning on trading using a smartphone due to convenience so if you have any feedback regarding the experience, do share it. Your impressions would be a good insight into smartphone trading.

P.S. It would be nice if Babypips would add smartphone trading in one of their lessons.

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i personally prefer mt4. why over-complicate it. ? mt4 on ios and android works well for me

Buddy; don’t know why you are seeking mobile trading for market analysis; it’s complicated. But take caring on the running trade will be okay!

No such thing as smartphone trading. It’s just trading.
The charts are the same.

However, most people I know, plan and execute when on PC and use the app to follow their trades or to cut their losses early. Also MT4 on PC is extensible so you can add custom indicators/EAs. As far as I know its impossible on a smartphone.

In the end it’s a personal choice.