MT4 platform continues to tell me "waiting for update"

So I have the demo version of collective fx with mt4. Basically I cant view any of the charts other than 4 hrs. They all say waiting for update. Additionally. The pip spreads seem to be outrageously high compared to what they say on their website. 1.34550 to 1.33570 on EUR/USD, a spread of 20 pips if Im not mistaken (definitely not less than one like they say on their website. This is true for all of the brokers that I demo on with the mt4 platform. Both the waiting for update problem and the 20 pip or more spreads. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Did you just install mt4 today? Maybe after the markets closed?

If not, then I’ve had this happen before, (although I use IBFX brokers), when I tried to open a fresh demo account which was setup as a mini account but the pairs I had been using prior on the other demo account were for a standard account, or vice versa.

If they work the same way, then if you setup a mini account, the pairs must end in a little m i.e. EURUSDm (or maybe some other suffix or prefix). If you setup as standard account, then there’s no m.

As for the spreads, yes they generally increase drastically on Fridays just before the markets close, and remain that way until a few hours later after it opens again on Sunday.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: