Mt4 problems invalid parameters

Hi there im having a bit of a mare with mt4
Often I’m putting in correct buy/sell stop orders with correct tp and sl on but I’m still getting an incorrect parameters message.
Does anyone know if this is a common problem and if so how to get round it

Thanks in advance

How about a screenshot of the order entry price settings?

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Here’s one I’m trying to place and I’m getting an invalid parameter error.

A sell stop order is telling MT to sell (open a short) if the price falls to the level you specify. Think of it somewhat like a limit order. In that screenshot you’re trying to set your sell stop above the current price. That won’t work. What kind of trade are you trying to get in there?

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As far as I know, a sell stop order is entered at a price below the current market price. Most investors use it when they want to limit a loss or to protect a profit on an asset that they own.

Yes, that’s true. But it’s not the same as the limit order because it includes a stop price that then triggers the allowance of a market order.

Exactly! I used it once with turnkeyforex to initiate a short sell, and the proces was rather smooth! It works great for limiting losses and managing already accumulated profits. For instance, I have bought an asset for $45 and don’t wish to risk more than $5 loss per trade. So, I placed a sell stop order just below $40, say $39.50. The benefit of this is that when the market price falls to the $39.50 level, the sell stop order gets triggered and the asset is sold at the next available market price.

You get this figured out @gblackbat?

Yes, I got a much better handle on it. It was just so confusing. After I looked at it I was placing the trade incorrectly. I later found I had an issue, it appears, if I was placing my pending order price too close to the market price, or my stop loss or tp too close to market.

Thanks everyone. I think I’m starting to get a handle on this trading deal!!! I actually made a little profit off of one of my market trades. I really feel like I’m getting somewhere.

I’m getting this error saying error in parameters