Mt4 question

Hello guys.
I live in the mountain USA time zone and im wondering if there is a way to change the time at the bottom of my charts to reflect my time or will I just have to get used to converting it?
Thanks in advance

The times are all broker specific, there is no option to change it manually. Your broker has it’s own time-zone, thus reflected in the times under the charts.

Interbank Has a building here in Utah that I thought was the headquarters. Their charting system is still off by 7 hours.

Perhaps MT5 will give us that option?

Someone coded an indicator to show your local time under the bars. I don’t remember the name.

It would be nice :stuck_out_tongue: but the system I use benefits from the time my broker uses so I like it the way it is. To be honest the time is central to my system so if that were to change on me I’d be at a loss haha.