Mt4 - trend lines dissappear when changing timeframes

Hi Jason,
I mentioned my problem last week in the other thread – you advised coming to this Broker aid place.

Same issues - I draw a trenline on 1hr chart - drop to 15 minute chart and trendline is gone.

Same with other tools - the insert shapes - rectangle - triangle - they all just disappear.

since I use trendlines and horizontal and vertical lines - - It makes it very difficult to even make a trade

I;m going to uninstall and reinstall again.

Hi PT,

You say your trend line disappears when you switch from a 1-hour chart to a 15-minute chart on MT4. Have you taken into account the fact that your Y-axis most likely displays a smaller range of prices when you switch to a shorter time frame chart?

Please let me know if you can find the missing trend line by adjusting the Y-axis on your 15-minute chart. (Hover your mouse over the the prices at the first right of your chart, so that a double-sided arrow pointing both up and down appears next to your mouse icon. Then, click and hold your mouse button as you drag your mouse downward to increase the range of prices displayed on your chart.)


Oh very certain - a trendline at the current price - a big bold rectangle surrounding the current price - simpy just disappear.

I did do another re-install and all seems to work fine for now. . . . but in 3 days? who knows.

Thanks for the update, PT! Please let me know if the issue reoccurs.