MT4 Unlimited Demo Account

I started demo acct & every month I got wipe out & have start all over again. Can anyone recommend a broker w/ MT4 platform w/unlimited (no time limit). I’m caring my aged parents, at odd times I don’t trade in a day or 2 if issue arises on my parents. Thanking you in advance

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I believe oanda offers unlimited demo, and also hugosway. I’m sure there are more

if you cant find one, load it up with a virtual balance that is way more than you need.

but trade lot sizes that are realistic to your level of investment.

Noted w/ thks


I have been using this Broker on Demo Account for the last 5 months. No limit, also unlimited open trades. I have not yet used real money with them. But I think I will soon. No hassles with them. They don’t call you. You can make as many Demos as you want. Here is the link>