MT4 won’t let me place a pending order

So I have been having some trouble trying to place pending orders on MT4 when I put in all the information the “place” button is grey and I’m sure I put the right parameters in. Here is what I did and the current market price at the time was below what I set my buy stop to and my stop loss was below the current market price

Hope someone can help me with this

This is because you are placing a BUY LIMIT instead of a BUY STOP.
According to price,ur buy stop should be above the current price so as it goes up,it triggers it.
Where as,a BUY LIMIT is an order placed below a rising market so a retracement to ur entry can trigger it.

If u want to buy above a rising market then it’s BUY STOP but if u want to buy below a rising market then it’s BUY LIMIT.


I wasn’t using a buy limit, as you can see in the screenshot I selected BUY STOP?

Oh sorry,I mistook ur SL for TP.

The Price line is on same spot with ur EP(Price on top).
I don’t really understand what the problem is but try taking it further away from current price then check if it would work out or perhaps it’s resolved.

Just done a pending order for a sell stop for GBPUSD I made the margins bigger and was able to place an order🙌🏿 Not sure why it wasn’t working on my BUY STOP yesterday for USDJPY with correct parameters

Ok great maybe try widening it for a buy.

Check if you have enough balance in your account.

There is a difference between the buy limit and the buy stop. If you have to buy below the limit, choose buy limit but if you want to buy above the trending market, then place the buy limit.
Hope this helps.

It won’t if you place Buy Limit. Instead of that, you should place a Buy Stop above the current price.