Send email from MT4 using your external/public email service provider(including SSL authentication)

Why would you like to send mass email (spamming from MT4) using this software ? when you can perfectly use the included email option of Metatrader.

I think mass email cannot be spam all the time. It depends on you how you are going to use a software. A trader who wants to distribute his signals cannot span his customers.

You cannot use MT4 email feature to send emails from Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo.
Internet Service Providers have restriction on how many emails you can send per hour which is less than Gmail(sometimes).
You cannot send email to may subscribers at the same time.

providing signal to client using email ? Oush ! you are un 1999 or 2010 ?

Now is twitter, sms, direct signals account to account !

go back to work on the developement of you application. Maybe people will need it.

Let me know how you do it automatically in MT4.

I build my own application ! o yesss ! i would share it but it still have some bugs, so it is for my own use…but to answer you question, it is nothing really difficult. Just make some read of the twitter API documentation, and of course a lot of VC++ and windows socket programming.

Goooood luck !!!

I meant to say that there was nothing ready made in MT4.

A programmer can create an entire operating system, but that does not mean that other should stop chasing to creating operating system. 99% of things in this world is easy when you know how to do it. If you know how to do your stuff, this is not for you.

Don’t email IB or Metaquotes that there is no meaning of having MT4 platform just because you can code it.

Ok, let get direct to the point.

You have a good soft : are you selling or sharing ?

That’s all.

Go to the link I provided in the original post and it will take 5 minutes to try it out and figure out what you would get from it.