MT4ToNotion - Save your trades automatically into Notion

Hello, guys!

I have developed an EA to save my trades automatically into Notion. I called this “MT4ToNotion”. About the features the EA does are:

  1. Save your trades automatically when a trade is executed.
  2. Update the trade when SL/TP are modified.
  3. Update the trade when it’s closed (manually, tp or sl).
  4. Save screenshots of your trades.
  5. Select your own dir to save your screenshots.

Here is the video when you can see the EA working -just remove the [] from the link-

I would love to hear your opinions and if you have any suggestion or idea, I would be more than welcome. Thanks in advance!

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thank you, this is amazing!
As I am only using MT5, I wanted to ask you if you are planning to make a MT5 version?
Thank you in advance!

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Yes, I will start working on it once I finish another indicator I am working on right now. I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the MT5 version too. Keep us updated here, please!

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I will, mate. :metal:t3: