MT5 & 4 not running on mobile data

Why MetaTrader 5 and 4 not running on my mobile data, with wifi or mobile hotspot its running fine but with my mobile data its not running, also if i provide mobile hotspot with my phone to others MT5 also not running with my mobile hotspot.

And if i connect VPN with my mobile data again its working

Please help with any solution thankyou

That’s a bit strange. Do you have data limits on your mobile data? Maybe a block of some sort at your mobile phone service provider?

Who is your broker?

Im from india
I use Exness broker
Last one month that is January MT worked fine but from February its not working…
Especially its not working only on my SIM card network until i connect VPN
And working fine on all networks except my SIM card data

And bro i dont have any limit on data usage for MT, even i have put MT on unrestricted data usage list

Well, the VPN masks your IP address to somebody on your mobile network. It’s got to be something there, especially if you can reproduce it over and over.

Dont know how to solve
I left meta trader
I will trade directly from the brokers mobile app
I dont have other options

Maybe using the traceroute function on your computer if you have Windows.

I’m sure there’s a version for mobile you could also run. It will show you where your requests hit a wall.

Ok bro tnx for your support, i will try it and let you know

Bro my problem solved
2 things i have done
I have deleted all my MT5 servers on Exness broker
And then reset my mobile data APN settings
And then again i created new MT4 server ,this time it is mt4 and transfer all the funds from that mt5 to new mt4 server and also deleted the old mt5 which is my main fund account

And i have cleared my mobile cache and fresh install mt4 , then i have logged in and guess what its working very fine