MT5, auto candle color change

Hi guys,
Wondering if there is a way on MT5 to have an individual candle change its color when a MA crossover occurs?
Or am I living in some fantasy land? Let me know, cheers :’)

I don’t believe this is possible with MT5 as it stands but you could definitely have a script built (most likely already one out there) that highlights or points an arrow to a candle on a MA crossover. If you have thought of it then there is a good chance someone somewhere has built it…

Thanks for the thought - I’ll have to scour around a bit and see what pops up.

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Like this ? (both modes available)
MaCrossCandleColorChange.ex5 (29.4 KB)

Brilliant mate exactly what I was after, cheers

enjoy :slightly_smiling_face: :coffee: