Mt5 demo account- invalid parameters?

I’m wanting some help.
My mt5 demo was working fine on Friday.
It is still working but will not let me place a trade.
Says invalid parameters, no matter what I put in.
If anyone can help, would be much appreciated.
I’ve tried shutting down and restarting,
Mt5 help desk won’t help as it’s not financial. I’ve posted on there forums but no answers.

Well first try logging out and logging in.
then, make sure that you input the required info (username, password, etc) correctly.
Also you can contact your broker support center and ask them about it.

I have tried all that.
It let me place a trade this morning but has now frozen now says off quotes
That was on trading view gold feed is also not working.
Other pairs are fine. Don’t know what’s going on

Most likely, the reasons why MT4/MT5 shows the “Invalid account” error may be incorrect login information, a non-activated account, or a holiday on the exchange.

I found this. Hope it helps.

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