MT5 EA on all pairs and all timeframes?

Is it possible to have an expert advisor attached to a single chart but have it trade across all symbols in the market watch and across all timeframes ?

I think that it is.

How to do i go about doing this ?

I don’t think so. Most platforms that I’m aware of require the EA to be attached to a particular chart to be able to trade it.

@DroidM, @QuadPip, There is software available that extends an EA’s ability to monitor and place trades “Globally” across multiple currency pairs… (See a few examples below)


There is a quite a few global trading utilities available that can be used to cover multiple pairs.
Hope this is of some help.

Trends, that’s very cool! Now if only I can get my strategy into an EA I will be ecstatic.

I’ve tried to create it in EasyLanguage and found it to be sorely lacking. Unfortunately I don’t have time to learn the more robust EA development platforms at the moment. Perhaps someday soon. :blush:

Thanks for the help

What is your strategy (roughly - don’t give it away). Maybe I can help code it

Yes it is possible. I have done it with my strategies so that I can simply add the EA onto any chart but within the settings select which pairs it should trade on.