MT5 glitch problem

Anybody else having problems with MT5?
I’m doing the 5ers high stakes challenge. Something is up with the platform.

Might be a bit too late, but mine’s working just fine. :open_mouth: I hope your glitch with MT5 has been resolved! :pray:

Still problematic. I am on web MT5. Works ok on my phone though…

Idk but is there anyway it’s a device-related issue? :open_mouth: There might be someone here who’s encountering the same issues.

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I am waiting for response from support at 5ers…

Still waiting? Why so long? That must be very concerning??

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Hi there

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Your concern has been sent to the technical department for urgent attention.

You will be contacted via email as soon as possible.

If you need any further clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us.


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Was this all resolved, please, @krykar ? I’m hoping so, but also asking because people do sometimes ask me if the 5ers is “safe/sensible to use” and I never know how to answer at all …

No response yet… they should have contacted me by now… how unfortunate…:disappointed:

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Thanks. Wishing you good luck!

Things like this really alarm me.

If even people who complain openly in forums where they have a representative actively posting can’t get reasonable customer service out of them, how’s anyone else doing?!?! :grimacing: :roll_eyes:

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New problem on MT5…
This time on phone…
Clock is out of sync