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Ok-ey, i have been wondering about this for a while… decided to ask for clarification.

Normally i see only tick volumes provided by brokers, but Alpari (broker) MT5 has option to show “real volumes” instead of tick volumes. I have seen in countless places stated that forex unlike futures isn’t centred and so brokers provide only tick volume…

Q: Those real volumes… are they really, really real?

Tick volume vs Real volume - MQL5 forum

It appears that it is real, but limited to the actual traded @ your broker. FX market is decentralized and there is no real volume that reflects the real volume on the whole market. The segments in the fx market do not communicate or hardly communicate.

So in short, it is not the real volume on the whole market, only at your broker. [You already mentioned this, but this is also for the other readers.]

There is probably someone who will come with a theoretical story, but this is the pragmatic one.

Hmm? It is not even ECN volume that the broker is part of? Are you really sure?

Nope, not really sure if only @ broker, could include ECN but that seems odd to me. But there are also multiple ECN’s, so it is still within a ‘district’. The point is is that you need to consider that it is not the volume of the whole market. I considered that if my district mostly contain european traders and they go bezerk in Asia it may not show up in real volume in MT. Therefor, as long as I can’t find certainty I am not relying ont it, just use it as a signal…

But if you have a true ECN account this is indeed not only related to your broker but to the ECN you are part of. I assumed you spoke about retail.

So… i asked them about real volumes and ECN’s. He didn’t say a thing about ECN its participiants or daily turnover, but bout real volumes he said that

Volume of trades in their order book.
and i asked
Does it mean volume of trades executed by your clients and he answered "Yes’’.

Still, I have some little doubts that peron opposite me didn’t know the answer.

Well, can’t you really get some better “real volume” if you have that market depth.

So, you called the broker, asked him and you doubt his answer. You doubt me for giving my answer. Wouldn’t it be easier when you give us the answer that you WANT to hear, so that I can repeat it and we can go on with our lives?

Don’t be such a drama queen.

Never blindly trust anyone. Besides, I didn’t call, it was live chat and there are particular reasons that made me feel like persoan opposite me wasn’t very sure and beasides i used word ‘‘little’’. No need to ask retoric questions, anyone with a tiny bit of logics should be able to deduce what i thought the answer could be.

Good luck, hope that helps your live.

Well, I certainly not ment to be seen as a drama queen on such a topic…:slight_smile: I was merely pointing out that you may be too much stuck on the answer you have in your mind that you don’t accept the answers that you receive. :slight_smile:

But I will not bother you anymore…:slight_smile:

dont like mt5 for its simplicity and plugins needed to trade properly

some of this bugs have been resolved… all software had bugs at start. i like more than mt4 becouse you can develop some good tools on it…

In fact there I have an idea how we can get the real volume - or at least close to real - see my thread here - 301 Moved Permanently
The thing is that it will only work with big number of participants - 1000’s or even tens of 1000’s.

Hi, can I access to the info. It seems to be private or does not exist any more

MT5 has proved itself to be amazing trading platforms for the forex traders. It tends to have the option of real volumes instead of having the tick volumes that help in better market understanding of the traders that leads to better decision making that could achieve profits.