MT5 Strategy Tester

Hello Traders!

Does anybody know answers to the questions below plz?

  1. Am using strategy tester in mt5, are the results reliable?

  2. I understand you have to use tick data than actual brokers for best quality?

  3. When optimising several input parameters, it takes days to complete, is there a faster way of doing it apart from mql5?

Thanks a lot guys

Hi, I think you should find answers to these questions in the MQL5 forum. Regards Greg

Yes the Mt5 strategy tester is reliable. If you are having issues with back tested results matching real time trades, it will be in how you have written the code and system design.
The data you test with comes from your broker, the data becomes less reliable going back longer than 5 years. You cannot buy historical data and import it into Mt5, unfortunately.
Use the “Every Tick” setting or you will find the algorithm used in the testing will approximate market price data input, this is to shorten the time taken to analyse the data. This result means you will get a distortion between backtested results and real-life trades. A complete waste of time.
There is no short cut to testing several input parameters, it does take days to complete. Depending on how you have written the code it can take longer.
With our testing we focused on testing individual parameters but within those individual parameters we have written code to give us range of optimised setting for each input.
The current EUR/USD EA we have given out free for people to use took over 2 years to design, code and test.

Thank for your reply Greg, I did have a look but could find the specifics…do you have a link?

Hi Jckbt, thanks for your detailed reply.

Yes, i do use tick data for better consistency. Say for example i run a back test and optimize some parameters and on the second run optimize other different input’s, does the strategy tester take in to account the first run parameters for continuity of the whole optimization and form a link sort of for the whole strategy? does that make sense?

Hi, I wrote to you a couple of times about the code, still no answer. Regards Greg

Hi Greg,

I did reply, plz look above for the response.

Could i have the eurusd you have developed plz?

Hi, I ansewered to jckbt :wink:

The tester is very straight forward, whatever parameters you have set, that is what the software will optimize. You as a trader need to interpret the results in the context of what you are trying to achieve and how you have coded your trading idea. Trading experience does help when doing multiple simulations and adjusting settings. It’s not a simple process but over time you will get better at it. Contact me via my profile and I will organize a copy of the EA for you.

You replied to my email when I said this EA is not for resale for you are a copy trade service. You also said previously you have no interest in my Meta Trader code, you have your own solution.
Let’s leave it at that.

Hi, you don’t understand the difference between EA Quality Check and EA Resale. Ok, let’s leave it at that as you wish. Regards Greg

Hi Jckbt,

Am not sure where to message you on the profile page as i couldn’t find any links. Where do i email you?


Yes it is reliable and don’t worry, you will get an idea with time. It is a gradual process of learning but you will get there.