A lot of retail traders use the MT4 trading platform which explains why it has become the most popular trading platform and almost every broker offers it to clients. While the opinion differs when it comes to how good the platform really is, I think it is as good as you make it to be.

I am not saying it is the best trading platform out there, but it is a good platform to use. Personally I prefer cTrader over MT. MetaQuotes has released their MT5 platform ages ago and in my opinion it is much worse than MT4 as it was designed with the US regulatory framework in mind and therefore makes it a terrible platform.

Most brokers do not offer it, or at least not yet, and I think it is a good think that they don’t, but I wonder at what point MetaQuotes will stop offering and supporting MT4 as it has done with MT3. I am wondering if they will be able to ever do so as forex was much less popular during the era of MT3.

I think too many MT4 platforms are out there and if MetaQuotes stops supporting MT4 they are bound to lose plenty of business. Either way I think it is an interesting development to follow on the side.

Any thoughts on this from you guys?

MT4 is and is gonna remains to be the gold standard in trading…MT5 just sucks big time!

There are many upgrades to MT4 and I think it makes MT5 useless. But if MT4 is shut down brokers will eventually move your accounts to an MT5 enviroment time to time.

Don’t think MT4 will ever shut down.

The thing is the MT5 is terrible as it caters to idiotic US regulations. I think they need to change that or at least offer two different MT5 versions: one for real traders and one for those who are forced to operate under US regulations.